The unit is in a very spacious pollution free industrial area with rich ground water sources and about 15,000 sq.ft is constructed working area with necessary partitions, fully secured electrical system and with exclusive mezzanine floor.

The unit is planned and designed to manufacture its maximum capacity in each discipline of pharmaceutical products. The unit is well designed and equipped with modern machineries with high speed automations to manufacture pharmaceutical formulations such as oral liquid, suspensions, tablets (Betalactum & Non Betalactum), coated tablets (sugar film and enteric coated), capsules (Betalactum & Non Betalactum) and ointments. Machines are frequently upgraded to match the current trends and standards.
The unit has a vast constructed area in order to accommodate all type of raw drugs including antibiotics with cold storage and dry storage facilities with a big storage area for packing materials

Tanmed Pharmaceuticals manufacture and markets more than 500 pharmaceutical formulations which includes latest drugs. The products are classical examples of WHO GMP standards and comply FDA standards. The company in its handling almost all the raw materials on their manufacturing activities.

Marketing their products ethically in southern parts and other parts through marketing agents. Maximum products were very well known by the professionals and supported by them widely.

The company at present has ventured international market and has registered products in Srilanka, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and various other Latin American countries and keenly looking for TIE-UPS to manufacture and supply the drugs in any quantum for Domestic and International customers.

Even though the company is having profitable turnover on their own products by utilising 25% of its production capacity, Tanmed Pharmaceuticals is ready to undertake manufacture and supply the products by utilising its spare capacity under third party arrangements with long term agreement. Also ready to invest in machineries for their technical requirements as per the latest trends.


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